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- Cameron

“Nothing like some Lavender Kush burning while me and my girl smoke some kush and watch a movie.”

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– Imana

“This is the perfect vibe for my morning yoga and tea. Absolutely great quality, and overall burn.”

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- Valentina

“My boyfriend got me this as a gift and it’s so great! Candles always have put a smile on my face, but Kushed is my favorite candle to date.”

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The ancient art of aromatherapy uses a plant’s own natural essential oils to enhance mood and promote a sense of well-being through our most primal sense – our sense of smell.

Hemp essential oil, one of the lesser known and “taboo” essential oils, provides a therapeutic aroma that promotes balance of mind and body by releasing stress, relaxing the body and lifting the spirit.

Candles infused with essential oils and fragrances are a simple way to achieve the benefits of aromatherapy by transforming your environment and stimulating the senses.

earth friendly

cruelty free

recycled and recyclable

handcrafted with love

Kushed = Aromatherapy Perfected

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