“Kush” is a term often used to refer to top-shelf marijuana. Whilst there are no psycho active ingredients remaining in Kushed cannabis essential oil, it is indeed top shelf and second to none. Kushed cannabis essential oil is the soul and energy of the hemp plant. It is harvested and steam distilled to bring a natural life remedy that is powerful and soothing.

Our rich and intricate tapestry of essential oils are gathered from all over the world. The result is a refined selection of therapeutic aromas that will whisk you away, transforming your environment to a place of harmony and luxury.

Pure therapeutic grade and 100% organically grown in the sunny fields of France, Kushed cannabis essential oil is the Queen of essential oils.


Kushed candles are made from Kushed essential oils, fragrances and our own superior, creamy, soy-wax blend. A touch of beeswax is added to deliver a cleaner, longer burn and an incredibly opulent scent-throw. Hand-poured in small batches, each wick is perfectly straightened and trimmed before the wax cools.

Our environment is important to us. Our wax is plant-based, earth-friendly and from renewable resources. Our glass containers can be reused, we use cotton wicks, and the boxes we use are made from 100% recycled craft paper.

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earth  friendly

earth friendly

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cruelty free


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hand crafted in LA