Locked in time, an aroma can open a particular memory faster than a photograph. With kushed candles, you can unlock that memory, or create your own, signature scent.

Kushed candles can be burned individually, or “layered” to create your own custom hybrid blend. And because each of our candles contains cannabis essential oil as a base, the art of hybrid combining is simple.

Client Stories

Some of our clients favorite combinations

I like to soften a classic floral with a touch of citrus.  When I entertain I burn a candle in each room – mostly WhiteWitch with a LemonDrop here and there.  People call me later to ask what smelled so good.

–Devon – New York

I teach Kundalini Yoga. The experience for my students is hightende by the candles – the combination of 2 Sadhu’sand a QueenGreen is amazing.

–Savanah – Los Angeles

A refreshing scent works best for me (I have 2 big dogs!). LemonDrop and PanamaRed burnt simutaneously is my favorite combo. 

–Elaine – Los Angeles

As a massage therapist, relaxation is key. My clients tell me that LavendarKush and QueenGreen burned together is incredible.  I agree!

–Tanya – Los Angeles


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