Like other essential oils, cannabis essential oil (also known as hemp essential oil) is obtained by steam distillation. Pale yellow to light green in color, it is extracted from the flowers and upper leaves of the sativa hemp plant. After distillation, there is no THC, CBD or other psychoactive chemicals remaining – just the rich, natural essence of the plant.

One of the most elusive essential oils, cannabis essential oil is also one of the most medicinal. It takes 50 lb. of the cannabis hemp plant material to make 1 oz of pure essential oil.

Growing organically in the hot sun before harvesting, the scent of the sativa hemp plant is earthy and sexy, clean and fresh, sweet and peppery. It’s one of the most expensive and difficult essential oils to be found. And its aroma-therapeutic benefits are exceptional.

Used by ancient civilizations – and in the thousands of years since – in steam baths, Tantric rituals, and spiritual meditation cannabis essential oil’s therapeutic aroma enhances both emotional and mental well-being by releasing stress, relaxing the body and lifting the spirit.


Hemp’s Renewal

There’s a new trend sweeping the nation, and it’s based on one of our oldest – yet forgotten – crops, hemp.

Hemp, from the cannabis sativa strain has a long and rooted history in America dating back to colonial days. It was the fiber of choice during the Revolutionary War, used in making cordage, cloth, canvas, sacks and even paper. In fact, it was among the most important crops from Colonial times through World War II when it fell out of favor.

But now this environmentally-friendly, farmer-friendly crop is making a comeback.

As a textile it is on-par with cotton, but is more pest-resistant and takes less land to grow. Its seed has a wonderful nutty flavor, high in omega-3 fatty acids, that is now used in producing a variety of products such as butter, deodorant, hemp oil (a type of vegetable oil) and even energy bars.

And the flowers and upper leaves of the plant are what produce the hemp essential oil… also known as cannabis flower essential oil.